✔7 Things you didn’t know existed ▶31

✔7 Things you didn't know existed ▶31

Innovations Galore…..

TLT Board http://www.tltboard.com/
Passfort http://getpassfort.com/
Batteriser http://www.batteriser.com/
The Ginzvelo http://www.ginzvelo.com/
Closca Fuga http://www.closca.co/
Keplero Wallets http://www.kepleroluxurywallet.com/
The BedJet http://bedjet.com/
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20 thoughts on “✔7 Things you didn’t know existed ▶31

  1. I… I want to know if that battery thing works I have a feeling it does not… Besides that the rest of the stuff is funny, Tlt Board lets make a skateboard, wait wait, lets make it funny looking… Or we can just buy the other electric skate boards around or other land surf boards that are around.

    Well, I be honest this series is nice and all, I rather get a summary about the products then have to listen to the sales pitch. 2 mins to listen is not very fun, once I hear what info I need I skip ahead, if you talk about the product and then have a link it be much better I think, we don't need to know they spent 4 years 40million dollars to make something just what it does and whats the name and any essential info.

  2. imagine how cool it would be if the Ginzvelo was a self driving car! if you ever need to go somewhere you just hop in, put in where you want to go then it'll just take you there. the windows can be tinted so that u can have privacy and maybe a really cool heads up display could be projected on to the glass, providing useful information like what's the temperature outside, a mini map and how much time you left to reach your destination and maybe even a little drop down media center display that can connect to the internet and such. Just imagine the streets filled with nothing but those cars. No more car accidents, no more stop signs or stop lights, you just hop in, sit back and it will take you wherever you want. And the best part is that with cars driving themselves, they will be able to go twice as fast on highways and roads because they will be much more efficient at driving safely than humans.

  3. Too bad anything with a motor requires insurance, chassis number, vehicle registration, safety tests and a licence plate as far as the Benelux goes, no TLT-board or Ginzvelo for me.

    And yes, that means anything with a motor, like disability scooters, electric bicycles, everything.

  4. …Oh my god, Batteriser is probably the most amazing scam ever! Really well made. Yes, Scams can be well made too.

  5. The batterizer is a big fat scam!
    All newer electronics use more than 80-90 % of the battery capacity.
    So Freeze is now a part of this scam?

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