✔7 Things you didn’t know existed ▶25

More Inventions to blow your mind……

Drumpants http://www.drumpants.com/
Miito http://www.miito.com/
RideAir Pump https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2073772882/rideair-the-next-generation-of-effortless-air-pump/video_share
The Lightsail http://www.planetary.org/
GoSun Stove http://www.gosunstove.com/
Smartplate http://getsmartplate.com/
The Soundtorch http://www.thesoundtorch.com/
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20 thoughts on “✔7 Things you didn’t know existed ▶25

  1. MIITO. What a bad joke. It's an induction hob with a lump of ferrous metal in your drink! How is that different than putting your cup on your induction stove, with a lump of metal in, or just microwaving it?

  2. a plate that tells you what you're eating now? how much more dumbed down do we really need to become before we are not able to wipe our own asses?

  3. what would be the point of having a "cook out" if the food is going to come out like it was done on a regular stove?

  4. I'm alive… but I don't want to do anything, learn anything or make any decisions…. is there something that can do all this for me? YES, keep watching these videos!

  5. I don't understand the sunsail. There's no gravity or air resistance in space, so one burst of thrust will keep a satellite going forever. Why not just use a thruster with a little bit of fuel, one burst of thrust= forever travelling, and probably much faster than using the sun as a propulsion method. I don't get the appeal or the man-hours put into to developing it, can someone please explain?

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