✔7 Things you didn’t know existed ▶21

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You wont believe these gadgets…

RayGo http://www.getraygo.com/
Beam http://www.beamlabsinc.com/
PancakeBot http://www.pancakebot.com/
Iris http://www.lightexture.com/
HiSmart Bag http://www.hismart.us/
Aivvy http://www.aivvy.com/
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✔7 Things you didn't know existed ▶20
Top 5 Things You never know - Available Now # 20
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20 thoughts on “✔7 Things you didn’t know existed ▶21

  1. Pandora and my galaxy phone let me pick my own headphones… not bulky fyi battery lasts all day, that's all I need.

  2. I'd hope that everyone would agree with me and report this entire channel for making misleading videos that consist entirely of advertisements and comment bots.

  3. LMAO… Ur click bait picture is a frickin lamp shade. Lol I didn't even watch the vid, I just had to point that out. 😛 sorry N shit

  4. What is it with white people and whistling? Does every commercial have to accompanied by either ukulele or whistling?

  5. As far as Ray go goes just do as I do and PULL OVER!!!!!!! If the people who are calling you care enough about they won't mind if you pull over or wait till you get home or park anywhere. NO PHONE MESSAGE IS TOO IMPORTANT TO RISK CRASHING YOUR CAR AND INJURING OR KILLING YOURSELF AND/OR OTHERS. After all with Ray go your eyes may be on the road but your mind isn't and don't you have to think about what you're doing as well as see ??

  6. That first one is so stupid unless the phone is moved out of sight. it's still not solving the problem.

  7. I really want an Aivvy! they look so cool! ^-^
    EDIT: DAMN! Never mind… They are $299 USD… Well, so much for that idea. :(

  8. How can you not take your eyes off the road if you have to look at a phone screen? A child steps out in the road and you are looking at your text message. Smack!

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