✔7 Things you didn’t know existed ▶20

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Kisha https://www.getkisha.com/
Sesame http://www.candyhouse.co/
Bookniture http://www.bookniture.com/
Milk Nanny http://www.wicoz.com/
The AmpStrip http://www.ampstrip.com/
PlayBulb Garden http://www.playbulb.com/en/playbulb-garden.html#meet-playbulb-garden
YikeBike http://www.yikebike.com/
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✔7 Things you didn't know existed ▶21
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19 thoughts on “✔7 Things you didn’t know existed ▶20

  1. HOLY SHIT i might go look for a Sesame u know how it is rubbers stay out military encryption boii….BUT its hocked up to ur wi-fi and ur wi-fi can be hacked right if can the they CAN get threw it but who hacks these days???

  2. Of all the things I don't want someone to hack, the lock to my front door is probably at the top of the list.
    Military grade encryption, great. Military grade encryption that has already been hacked thousands upon thousands of times.

    and you're missing the point. No-one needs to hack the lock, they just need to hack your phone. They can even hack and clone your phone, giving them permanent front door access. Or even back door access, noone wants that D;
    Just use a damn key.

  3. You people are fucking RETARDED with your goddamned I-Phone , I-Pad, etc. technology… Get a fucking life……………..

  4. Milk nanny will need regular clearing and sterilization else it will quickly develop a bacterial problem. That makes it lest convenient. The most convenient, beneficial and hassle free is real best milk. I think it would be fun to make a advert for real breast milk in the same vein as products like this.

  5. 1:11 so i really have to tell you its easy to hack? please tell me where you live if you buy that so i can get to your bluetooth safe..

  6. 1. are you that retarded that you don't know whether to take a fucking umbrella or not? it's called a window leonardo
    2. and what happens if your phone gets stolen? or someone can spoof your signal? like "military grade encryption" has never been hacked. no more fiddling with lockpicks.
    3.okay that's pretty cool. but can you read it? also why stop there? why not make one that folds up into a tablet cover to make a handy work desk with your laptop or tablet on top anywhere you bring your device?
    4. that's actually really useful. like a coffee maker for babbys. seriously is there a way to invest in this thing?
    5. I'm sure the nsa looooves this thing

  7. 1. Smart umbrella: Never lost my umbrella before or wanted it to talk to me. Plus I live in California so it never rains.

    2. Open sesame: What if the phone dies? Doesn't that mean I have to keep a key with me which defeats the purpose? Also if my phone gets stolen cant they break in? Would also be easy to hack into.

    3. Bookniture: Looks. So. Trashy. But I guess it would be convenient to always be carrying around a chair. Unless its over $20. then it's not worth it.

    4.Milk nanny: Not worth it because it's probably hundreds of dollars and maybe even more since its a baby product. Babies only drink solely formula for 6-9 months. So less than a years use for something so expensive. Also I wouldnt be able to trust it being too hot or not mixed right. Also since you need to add water and powder as well as clean it out its just as much work as making a bottle but less trust worthy.

    5, Ampstrip: How many of these are on the market already? I mean who works out that often besides athletes.

    6.Playbulb Garden: $40 for one? Um no. Walmart selling solar powered stuff that changes colors for $10 each. Whats makes this so different? The app?

    7. YikeBike: Oh so now its cool and worth $5,000 because we don't have to pedal? Now we get to pay to get fat AND take the work out of biking on a stupid glorified moped? The handles look backwards lol.

    Just my thoughts.

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