What Happened to PARKLYN?!? | Brooklyn Talks About Her Break Up

Many of you have been asking, what happened to #Parklyn? I have to admit, its been a really tough week! Today, I answer your questions in probably the most real and raw video I’ve ever filmed. (I just wanted you to know, since you have been part of our journey over the past two years.)

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I’m just gonna say it… last week, Parker broke up with me in what was one of the hardest days of my life so far. For most of the next 3 days, I felt heartbroken, alone, and an unbelievable sadness I’d never experienced. Parker was my first “real” boyfriend, my first kiss, and I invested almost all of my free time in him.

Parker has been my best friend for the past 4 years, my boyfriend for the past 2. He made me laugh when I didn’t want to, he calmed me down when I needed him to, and cared for me and my crazy life, and, yes, he even my loved family.

Like all couples, we were experiencing hiccups in communication. He had his reasons, I had mine. We’d been talking about it off and on over the past month, and worked on a plan together to get past it. We had a great conversation last Wed about it, when Parker told me he wanted to break up with me.

I was blind sided. I was in shock. It was like the whole world stopped spinning. Everything from that point on seemed like a blur.

He dropped me off at home, and as I closed the front door there in the dark, I just stood there and sobbed. My dad heard me first and immediately ran to hug me, my mom and Kamri soon after, and within minutes everyone was there hugging me trying to console me. (Parker had texted Bailey to let her know, and trust me, sister bear came out!)

I felt like I had lost my best friend and boyfriend all in one fell swoop! My heart was broken. What was I supposed to do now? Feeling alone, it didn’t take me long to find out that I really never was alone.

Bailey saw me in a wreck and picked me up, kept me going, getting me out of bed when I didn’t want to, making sure I looked put together, following up to be sure that I was eating, etc. I am SO grateful to her for being the BEST sister I could ask for! My mom took my phone to prevent me inundating Parker with calls and texts, and from texting things I’d likely regret later.

By the next day, I had heard from over 60 friends who had either brought over treats and gifts to console me, or wrote thoughtful letters, notes, and DM’s. It was so emotional and overwhelming to see so many people investing in me when I’d previously devoted all my time to Parker! (As I said in the video, a valuable lesson!)

Now, I want y’all to know that Parker is a great guy! He made a decision that he felt was right for him. Although I didn’t feel it was right for me, I have to let Parker has his free agency. I can’t blame him for that and neither should any of you. Please do not hate on Parker, because doing so would be wrong. No drama. Please respect his privacy, as attacking him would be like attacking me. Parker will always be a part of me. He’s a wonderful person with a wonderful family, and he deserves his happiness.

I share this information with you, mostly because I think its easy for many of you to feel that our lives are too perfect, that everything seems easy for us. I want you know that I’m just like you. I breathe, I laugh, I smile, I hurt, and I cry. Our parents give us chores, we have to babysit our siblings at times, and we do bad on tests from time to time (remember my driving tests?). Our hearts can also be broken, as you can see.

I’ve learned a lot this past week. That every relationship matters, but so do the ones with the people around you who love you every day! Don’t forget them, because they’ll always be there for you when the one you depend on may no longer be there!

Stay strong, girlfriends, I’ve got your back, and will always be there for you. I promise that! I love you all!

❤️’s -Brooklyn


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