Top Secret Alien Time Travel Technology That Transported Man to Mars Surface

While contracting for various military contractors, the People who worked on this top secret project began to reveal the truth about the US government’s involvement with extra terrestrials. Strange things started to happen to Al soon afterwards. When the time control equipment was fully operational, Al participated in some of the time travel experiments. Both he and Duncan used the Montauk time tunnel to travel to Mars on several occasions.

He now remembers several other trips he took with special teams to 1. a research station in the year 100,000 BC; 2. to other planets to get canisters filled with Light and Dark Energy; and 3. to future time periods, sometimes thousands of years in advance of our current time. Al and Duncan made many authorized trips to Mars with the Time Tunnel and two “unauthorized” trips on their own in which they were later discovered and taken off the Mars time tunnel project.

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21 thoughts on “Top Secret Alien Time Travel Technology That Transported Man to Mars Surface

  1. Well at there is one thing about it all, America stole all the technology from the Germans after WW11 and invented nothing, but took all the profits, without the Germans America would still be in the Dark Ages

  2. If there was really aliens im sure they would arrive in a populated area during the day time its funny that everyone with an alien story assumes they are just as devious and secretive as our governments and ourselves are only seen in remote dark areas and stealing like theives instead of meeting and trading with us like any normal being would do.
    if we found a civilisation on another planet would we sneak around at night stealing their people and animals late at night?No we would not we would approach them just as we approached any new people back in history we arrived in daylight and made our presence know so im calling BULLSHIT.

  3. I attended an exopse' in 2000, in PA, with Al Bielek and many others. It lasted Friday through Sunday with various speakers and was very eye opening for me in those days. Of course, I didn't speak about any of it much with my family or friends as they were all still fast asleep. Remember, the government tells us fifty year old info as if it just happened today.

  4. If the aliens wanted to take over earth,they could do it with no problem at all.Just put a virus into our atmosphere! Time travel where is the real proof-facts-figures-photoes all chatter to make money and print books!

  5. Most things in the past are too big for one single person to change or toy with…like wars…assassinations…conspiracies. Me?? I'd I d like to go back to 1965 because the last half of the 1960's were the best years I can remember. I would try to help my family from a distance …help guide them …never personally involved. Enjoy the music..the times..the innocence of American in those days

  6. I heard someone say "Nobody knows enough to be pessimistic about Anything". Not saying I believe this, but I'm not going to discount it. Its something to be kept in mind for sure! There's obviously some truth in his testimony… The financing, etc….. Wonder if Soros has anything to do with that? Things that make you go "Hmmmmmmm…"

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