Time Traveller Who Went to The Year 2749 Reveals All…

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46 thoughts on “Time Traveller Who Went to The Year 2749 Reveals All…

  1. 500 million pepole? Only China has 1billion and something + he said cities where very big Soo that means whole world population could live in 5 or somethin cities , people realy love to lie… :3

  2. Sci-fi  The top 1% will live this way and the rest of the people will be slaves !That is what the New World Order will bring ! So that everyone knows that this is just a really dumb story ! Don't be fooled , all you sheep of the world !

  3. He lost me at "secret"…
    When was this supposed interview filmed? What year? He looks really good (and young) for someone who was supposedly involved in the Philadelphia Experiment. Guess that's due to his "time travel"… LOL!

  4. Alfred Balak aka Edward Cameron – You are a story teller " Liar " and a bad liar at that ! You are no " Time Traveller who went to the year 2749 " ! What I see , is a  con man ? ha-ha ! Sorry !

  5. 1. Why have vertical cities when there is virtually no need for an increase in capacity?
    2. 500 million population is a number that's been a goal of the globalist NWO.
    3. This video plants a seed of consciousness that may manifest enough of you buy into this psyop.

  6. Really can't say what is true and what is not, but all you who refer to the bible and have studied it is just that you studied the bible!! If you really study and research, go back to what "Should have been taught in school but for obvious reasons was kept out? Sumerian Text, one of the oldest artifacts found in human history… That is where all this BS started. To much to get into but if you want a glimpse into a more viable truth then look it up and then decide for your self instead of believing a myth… Some won't even accept this but it is factual and the evidence is there to back it… Real evidence!!!

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