Time Traveler Who Went to 2987 Tells All

This man claims to have been to the year 2987. We flew to Armenia and sat down for an interview with the man as he told us his story. You won’t believe what our future looks like. Do you think this man is telling the truth? Is he a real life time traveler who was part of a secret time travel project that has visited far into the future?

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31 thoughts on “Time Traveler Who Went to 2987 Tells All

  1. They're never from Fermi labs are they?…
    Also: if the soviets could time travel they wouldn't have lost the cold war…
    I love Armenia, and most of the other places from which these quacks emerge, but fuuuuuuck chill out on your fraudulence.

  2. Okay this guy watches way too many movies way too many movies oh I have you seen the movie Terminator and they cannot travel in time without any clothes or in the movie they have a huge ring circling around them to travel in time the guy saying the same thing in the movie trust me watch The Terminator and make a comment on the show to expose this clown this fake clown I'm going to give you a little word of advice dude when you're lying make a great story so people can actually believe it I'm going to tell you a great story metaphorically speaking laugh out loud one day I woke up in my room and I found thousands of people at my door I looked over and ask my sister what's going on she said you're the president of the United States and I was like well I am she said yeah you don't remember you bang the president wife and he walked in on you and Ivanka as you were sticking your finger and her Russian pie it was a sweet surprise so the former president had a heart attack this morning and died and made you president of the United States of America man I was so glad I was so high on crack cocaine that night I don't even remember it and I became president of the United States so believe me laugh out loud this is based on a true story believe me so no more fake news just believe me

  3. So when will we reach the point when we give up this silly, backward, tendency to keep feeling the need to cover our bodies. Only two, basic, practical, reasons to cover our bodies; either 1: to shield us from the cold or 2: to protect us against sunburn. All else is silly, foolish, backward, uptight, shit. Out.

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