Time Traveler Spent Two Days in The Year 3207

This man claims he has been to the year 3207. We took a flight to Greece and sat down for an interview, as he told us his story. You will not believe what the future has in store. According to this man, he was part of a top secret Greek Military experiment in which he was the test subject for a real life time machine. Upon time traveling to the future and back, he explains what technology awaits us in the year 3207.

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28 thoughts on “Time Traveler Spent Two Days in The Year 3207

  1. Thanks for watching everybody! We have an upcoming livestream Q&A with a time traveler as well as an interview with a man who used to work at Area 51. You're not gonna want to miss it, so stay updated by subscribing and turning on notifications. 🙂

  2. I still don’t understand if this is a big troll channel or if he is serious – and all the commenters. For anyone thinking this is real (Lord have mercy) our universe does not allow for time travel. It is physically impossible to travel back In time. Sorry to break it to you. The only “time altering” that is possible is traveling closer to light speed, which slows time for the traveller. No backwards. Also – these stories are so ridiculous. Anyone can make up anything and people will believe it.

  3. He said he has to be private – but if he was the first and he has told us that then they’re going to know who he is! Why are people making up shit? Even I could make up something better than this!

  4. Funny thing is that all this time travelers seem to talk about the future from the material world. But scientist are just touching the quantum world…., which will grow exponentially as we evolve…. no one seems to speak about this subject….thats the real future.

  5. Great it`s subtitled. Had to mute it because of the background music. No offense, but it`s difficult to pay attention to what he`s saying, even if his voice is alienated, I`d still like to listen to him and the music is pretty much distracting.

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