Time Traveler From 2028: Trump Will Win 2020 By Landslide

Time Traveler From 2028: Trump Will Win 2020 By Landslide
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29 thoughts on “Time Traveler From 2028: Trump Will Win 2020 By Landslide

  1. So, did he go back to the time of Jesus the Christ? Oh, maybe he can't go back that far? What is the issue presented here? That God alone is not the only one to know the date and time? Something wrong with both the reasoning and justification of this news. Beware!

  2. I'm a time traveller. I've been back in 1948 all the way to 2017. As a Christian, I have asked God for the Gift of prophecy and He has shown me some amazing things. You could do that, too.

  3. Well if you were a time traveler tell me is Hillary Schumer Obama the clintons c o m e y Pelosi Feinstein Brandon McCain McNasty Paul Ryan priebus and the long list all of them in jail and prison tell me otherwise you're full of BS all of them should be in prison by then or. g i t m o

  4. "* Orange Moron T is NOT MY PRESIDENT !!! * It's time to take an action before losing our Great Nation. Sign the petition for impeachment on this link https://www.needtoimpeach.com/ Please add this link to your message like me and spread this link. We have to save ourselves. No one will do it for us. Take an action for your future. I’m white republican but I did not vote for orange moron T"

  5. Trump ain't winning shit, he's a terrible president, the lowest approval rate – (If you're an idiot; that means even people who voted for him are not happy with him), you are all brainwashed by Fox News. Lmao!

  6. Prediction of electric cars having 600 miles of range is stupid, random, and most importantly, wrong.

    Tesla came out with a semi truck and a roadster that can already do 600 miles of range. His timeline is off.

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