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49 thoughts on “This Video Will Shock the World..They Dont Want You Knowing This!

  1. They made countries that owed them a couple billion go bankrupt but not USA that is trillions in the red!!??How can someone put making money before thousands of lives how can they live with what they have done to people peace out may your God be with you

  2. The 9:20… minutes/seconds talks about "tricking" people into obedience; THAT is true, although there is nothing wrong with obedience in and of itself. Remember that. We are called to be free; free to choose what we "will" do. The soul is made of the mind, the will, and the emotions. None of these aspects of our individual selves, including our bodies should be "tricked" into enslavement. But we all must admit that obedience outweighs "dis"-obedience for just about everything. Would any of you want a disobedient child? Or what about a disobedient spouse who doesn't keep their vows? What about a wild and out of control pet that disobeys? Hmm? Sounds like fun right?
    Wrong. Everyone who is mature and in their right mind, and motivated by Love knows that disobedience is not the way. Unless of course its civil disobedience, which is another story. What I'm saying is we're all free to choose who and what we will follow. We all have our own heartbeat, and fingerprint. I know who I follow. Do you?

  3. Why don't you all stop blabbing about all the obvious crap that's been happening and will continue till the end,,,,and freaking do something about it ,,rise up ,,,anything just stop acting like you all have broke some secret news join the patriot movement or the oath keepers or the 3%,,,,oh wait!!!! your all probably anti gun .well good luck then

  4. Okay everyone should or have a clue what's going on now and the real question for everyone I'm asking…What's everyone going to do about it or just going to sit around and wait to be killed by these people? Oh shit!! I just had a great solution? How about if these America and China want a war they can have it? Let them take it in the ring and duked it out? Trump vs Kim live on pay per view! Fight night😂

  5. According to the Bible having all that money and
    killing to get more because you think you should have it all
    Is called gluttony. I hope you enjoy hell a** holes. …late…

  6. Death to the central bank's Rothschild Rockefellers metal toad in the UK and don't forget that Antichrist Pope in the Vatican death to the mall debt slavery Babylonian money magic spells corruption evil dies now!!!!!!

  7. Why does nobody make a documentary to show all countries to destroy them , to have free and full financial controll for their countries and governments again …?? Pick their puppets out aswell out of the European Union and the most work will be done ..

  8. They don't want you to know this…. Americans…. a world exists beyond your borders. Fattest most hated country on the planet. That's how the rest of the planet looks at you. I'm surprised they aren't more videos like this, as the topic seem quite extensive.

  9. I know the Gray family has never reaped 1 dime that we didn't earn, and believe you me it's not much. we have been kept at the bottom all of our lives,and it is sad to know there are people out there so obsessed with money, they would literally spill another man's blood to get it sad.

  10. We are to be actively seeking to make an exodus from the systems of the anti Christ. Yet we love the world and the things of this world. Drink the cup of salvation. Die to self, take up cross and follow Christ Jesus always. Come out from among them and be separate. We have allowed the anti Christ to give us the systems by which we survive and by which we believe. Holy Spirit help us

  11. When will people realize that they are being payed with fake money that they are paying taxes to be produced by the bankers. So they are working for free and getting zero to almost nothing for it. Never owning anything 100% for themselves. For example the 49%=51% mortgage title holdings for property. This knowledge is out there but greatly misunderstood by common people and used as leverage by the wealthy. The poltergeists in your other videos are probably the passed on Rothschilds that are stuck here because of the horrible things they did in their lives…lol just a lil joke but who knows? Im a new subscriber and lovin this channel, great video quality and work!

  12. Liked and shared thanks for this video hope it stays online, sadly iv noticed a lot get taken down im defo waking up but sadly so many people arnt aware of whats going on iv also iv been subscribed a while now…so count me in the comp please ☺

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