This Ancient Discovery Should Rewrite History!

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Rebecca Reads
Rj Shefali

Interview with a REAL Time Traveler
Apex Tv’s Deception Interview with a Time Traveler!!😂😂😂
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29 thoughts on “This Ancient Discovery Should Rewrite History!

  1. Another top vid Amplex. Quickly becoming one of the most informative channels in this field. Ignore the jealous comments of the minority and just keep doing what you do best.

  2. there is no lack of genus in any time only the lack of vision and and incentive in that time,… Very time has a spirit! The spit of the Elite in that time gives it its signature, Example the time of the Medici gave the that time the Spirit of the Renascence! The same spirits that destroy the Earth in Ancient time is the same immoral Spirit of Greed.lust and Power we have in our times! Namely that of the Rothschilds! Human Civilization is much older than it is taught in schools and universities today! In my opinion it is the positive incentive or  the lack of incentive that gives the flavor, the spirit of said time.  Question It is said that history repeats itself. Can this time be a repeat? The so call elite, the Rothschilds  are trying their best to make it a Repeat!

  3. The clash of the Titans ( children of the watchers)
    Nephlem were giants God made the watchers watch while there children killed each other out its depicted in several religious text hindo is 1 the best depictions
    I have become death the destroyer of worlds

  4. What do you smoke when doing research ?
    ''Any military would love to have the flying things that a re so advanced''
    Yet you show the instruction and drawings of the alleged flying machines, written in English.
    Guy dressed up in religious garbs is giving the testimony …

    Nobody sees any thing wrong with that and contradicting logic ?

  5. what people forget about “modern” “advanced” knowledge and technology.. is that its been invented or discovered in the last 100 years… some 200 years…. by contrast, ancient egypt, had THOUSANDS of years to advance THEIR technolodgies… maybe not linear to “our” cutting edge stuff… but in their own line of discovery… they got to where we will be in computer tech for example, 1000 years from now.. 4000years from now….!!! think about it.. lets say they practiced telepathic and telekinesis abilities…. and as a group, advanced that “tech” for 1000 years… would they get to a place where 20 tonn stone bricks could be teleported with a thought… as easily as 3T bytes of information can fit in our back pockets??.
    or if bicycles with wings could become beoing 747s in about 100 years…. how far did other civilizations who thrived for 100s or 1000s of years get with their techs… and yes, sadly, often it started with weapons technology to kill the neighbors..

  6. how about a plasma dishcharge that wiped out most humans @ 12,000 y.a. the egyptian pyramids inside are burned but there is no soot. the rocks are just burned. check out thunderbolt project.. 4 more info…

  7. why don't people get the volume right my phone is on full volume and its far too low .this happens a lot.don't they check.then you have some that have perfect volume.check it

  8. the human raceis much older then some think. all that we have invented in the modern world is a mear copy of the past.we can tap in to the mind of every living being in the universe and see clearly all that we need to make a better world if only people invented things for the good of mankind and to expand in to the universe and enlightenment . what really holds back all this is greed and by those who thunk rhey can control every aspect of your life . note laws that do nothing but take money from you ìs not a law but a criminal act. if a law harms people in some way is not a law but a con to rob you. don't fall for this nonsense. then you have contries that bring in laws with out a oubkic say. these countries are pure evil and those behind it . never trade with these type of countries no matter who they pretened to be. a country that dictates and failes to carry out what people vote for is a dictator ship. uk voted out of the EU now that should have happened the second the result was in as that is what was voted for. 71% of people said to government stop immigration and secure boarders. they ignored it. and that is proof of a evil dictator ship . they put sanctions on the less well off, no different to north korea yet vondem the north korea, why when tgose that sanction the less well off are pure ecil and no better then north korea. check all this out and you will find that the uk government is the most evil and corrupt country on Earth and harm there own people far more then eny other country. check it out there worse then polpot hitler the military japanese in ww2 far worse then gadafy and north korea combine all the evil into one and you end up with a british government and how they really treat the less well pff and never gear up for winter they have homes in the uk with no heating no hot water. they force work on peoples homes and rip them off with extortionate costs add a charge on your home and charge interest. a 6000 job they chsrge 40,000 plus interest. pure evil and robbing people and they do this to the less well off the unemployed evil and rottern to the core. most people no this now the world knows the truth. .they can't worm there way out of that one by twisting things around .there good at twisting things. they have a legal duty to the people but they spit in there face. people are legally entitled to there share of public assets . if you ask for them they have to pay. but the break the law by ignoring it which is a jailable offence and that includes the prime minister. but as councils the gov have the judges well and trully in there pockets. thats how corrupt the uk really is.

  9. probably the west is far better in exploiting knowledge and things than the east which is why their present significantly relies on the past of the east. The west has derived immense advantages and benefits by aptly deciphering, applying, and exploiting invaluable knowledge and information that once belonged to the ancient east and has developed, advanced and prospered exponentially while the east is busy understanding its current phase of existence, Cheers !

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