They Dont Want You Knowing About This!

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Credits to the following Speaker in this video:
Barrie Trower

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  • Kim Mueller says:

    Is this guy gonna die on us? What's his problem? Spit it out old man

  • Ppl need data on this

  • momatomic says:

    Fine video! I know I'm about to give a biblical reinterpretation of a scientific statement..but not all scientists are atheistsTo me, this reflects the intent of Satan who from the beginning sought every opportunity to corrupt the pure DNA of mankind, which he nearly accomplished in the age before Genesis. The very purpose of the Old Testament of the bible and it's genealogy, documents God's plan of salvation from Adam and Eve on forward, a bloodline through which the Messiah would be born. Many churches teach false doctrine concerning this, but if you study even a little, you will see story after story in the Old Testament bible of the lengths God went to to protect this precious bloodline from Satan's corrupt seed, so that we, of all races, could receive Salvation.
    Eve didn't bite an apple. She was seduced by Satan. 'Beguiled' means "wholly seduced". God's solution when Eve was impregnated by Satan, whose child was Cain, was to immediately bond her to Adam, whom she then 'knew' and conceived Abel. Cain and Abel were twins. Cain is nowhere in Adam's genealogy. He has his own. Adam's line does not start until much later when he begets Seth. By the time we get to Noah, the eighth man, Satan has corrupted the bloodline of everyone except his family by way of the Nephilim. Abraham, in trying to protect Sarah by telling people in a strange land that she was his sister, was out of fear that they would kill him and simply take his wife. When it seemed this would happen, God struck every man in the land with impotency so that she could not be impregnated. Three times in the bible, twins are born, one of them evil, like Jacob and Esau. Each time, Satan was foiled of his attempt to corrupt an essential link in the bloodline of the Messiah. He Now, his time is short, and in his wrath seeks to destroy what God loves most- his children. Who can receive salvation? "All who will."

  • RayfieldA says:

    Population control is Real!

  • Jorge Lahiff says:

    The greedy 1% need to be dragged out of their mansions by angry mobs and hanged from nearby lamp posts or trees. Communism failed and Capitalism is destroying the world. It is time for direct democracy. Death to America's and Europe's Satanic Zio-Masonic elites. Rid the earth of them and their microwave weapons.

  • Trebor Skeem says:

    I'm going to protect myself with a Jiffy Pop helmet

  • trail girl says:

    The One and only Creator spoke in his Word NO weapon formed against you will harm you,repent and research His Word all the truths of this fallen world is easily to see!

  • I wonder how this affects sperm in males!

  • Eleni Comens says:

    its EVERYWHERE if not in your home is all around,..wifi,..micro "waves" there IS no escape…is already done!!

  • R A says:

    Just came here ro say, who is "they "?, i despise titles like this.

  • How many of us are watching this over wifi?

  • Rob T says:

    I some foolish comments on this post. Let it be known that YES, the Government does have this Microwave Weapon. It's been here as far back as 1980 that I know of. It was not intended to be a weapon, but to help with weather and make things better. The Government stepped in and took it over. It was first loaded on a satellite. They had it developed to where they could fire it on a building and kill all blood life inside, and not hurt anything else inside that building.

  • Lynn Charron says:

    I know all of this! I was only covering the basics lol… Yikes, I honestly do get it! Just so you know!

  • this was an awesome, damning documentary. i am shocked. too late for me; but for the human race, this could be disastrous

  • Wow … Amazing n criminal …

  • You have to watch your radiation exposure.

  • I got my high-school degree in electronics by age 16, even though, by then, I was interested in microwaves, it was 6 months later, as I started working for the National Department of Telecommunications, that I saw directly some of the effects of these. For instance, we had to pile dead birds everyday, as they crossed the signal rays.

  • MrEqp123 says:

    Population control

  • Arnold Dalby says:

    This is misinformation in a way because all animal life can be gotten rid of at certain electromagnetic frequencies and these frequencies are public knowledge. And non of the frequencies used by today's technology target the human bodies frequencies. Otherwise you would know about it and it isn't in the microwave range although microwaves can be dangerous as you know.

  • a. banks. says:

    But even knowing all this, most people are still not going to give up wireless WiFi or 5g/AI….

    They want to stay plugged in….

  • HuSia Cat says:

    No one would hear it from me, so perhaps they'll listen to a specialist….

    If you have children, remove your WiFi.

    Simple really.

  • the way says:

    no proof at all,just some guys say so,keep the sheeple in fear,wake up.

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