The Headhunters of Borneo

In a journey to central Borneo, visiting with Iban tribesmen and handling their collection of human heads.

Batman meets Batman
very creepy, disturbing children's cartoon, banned from TV


  • Chaoxs PvP says:

    I cqnt believe brunei is 5th richest country in the world

  • Encang Dayak says:

    bodoh masri obob,melayu mna ada sejarah kuat mcm Iban….Agi idup Agi ngelaban…idup iban…

  • Oloh Dayak says:

    drink a little blood enemies…(a ritual after cut off)
    or sometimes we cook liver/heart of enemy,..and then we eat together (usually for a very hated enemy)

  • Orang di dunia ada bermacam macam…ada yang bodoh dan pandai..ada yang menawan dan hodoh….

  • Oloh Dayak says:

    Dayak not cannibals, the heads are cut, used for rituals
    in our tribal rituals; Tiwah…the head was used, becomes a slave to the spirits of the family who had died during the journey in the afterlife.
    after cop enemies head, we tasted a little blood, to add strength
    and if to eat the body parts of the enemy, just his heart only.
    even then cooked first with spices
    applies only to the cruel and hated enemy…

  • Through the tone nad voice of the Iban language spoken inside this video, these area is somewhere in Skrang River in Sri Aman Division, Sarawak, Malaysia which is about 150 KM away from the Sarawak State Capital of Kuching  

    This are were famous for the Rentap who was the Inland King and Warrior who opposed the Brooke Regime for quite sometimes and was defeated in the Sadok Mountain Fort in 1861. I am the Seventh Generation of that once great Warrior.

  • The word of Dayak is very subjective. Dayak consists many races like Iban, Bidayuh, Kayan, Kenyah, Orang Ulu etc. I really don't agree if people said that Dayak or maybe Iban is a cannibals. Our peoples not cannibals. According to our tradition, 'head hunting' is one of our culture to show that my people strong and powerful, protect themselves from enemy, and the most important thing as a ritual to the spirits.

  • The Kadazan people of Sabah call these sago worms "BUTOD".

  • But, your all dont forget about Murut People.. their are Warrior Headhunter of Borneo too..

  • elchasai says:

    cultural relativism aside this is disgusting…and it's continued reverence in their culture is part of what contributed to mass killings in recent times throughout Kalimantan.

  • Elohim Zeus says:

    To the people's of Borneo and the Malay archipelagos. You all are living in The City of Atlantis. It is your own will to safe your own land or waiting for others to invades. And your last tribes of Jew will never exist in this world again. You are all the remaining so now. It was tell in The Al- Quran The Bible The Kabbala.

  • Frita Dewina says:

    Kita semua dayak bersaudara..tak perduli msuk indonesia,malaysia,ataupun brunai..jangan sekali kali mengusik suku kita,karena kita pasti bersatu untuk kehormatan kita!

  • Wahab Jambu says:

    aram bepantap kitai wai!!!!!

  • elohim zeus terjemah dulu dalam bahasa Malaysia my english is low

  • Elohim Zeus says:

    It wouldn't be so important of knowing which God I Am. IAm That IAm. The most important things now is that, have your people/all the natives wake up to see and realized the reality that you all have been cheated by your federal government. Have you all saw your real enemy. A lot of you doesn't know the true history of Borneo. As written in ancient Holy Texts in the world. The was once a great city, they all called The City of Atlantis, and this city had sunken, becoming a myth, a fictions more than Truth. The remaining of the sunken land is the Island of Andau, where the mountain of congregation of His Almighty stood high and there is also His Almighty Marked on it. Before the ice age, 500000 years ago, Borneo were attached together with the continent oh Africa before it splits. Today it's no longer a Myth, but facts that it really do existed before. Due to the last big flood, a lot of artifacts, written history and those texts of very high and advanced knowledges were lost, or either being confiscated by the children's of evil. Today the evil children's are those who are monopolized World top 500 companies and mostly are leaders of country. What facts that scientifically and religiously proved, Borneo are the place: 1- You have the Oldest Forest in the world. 2- The migration and expanding of world Corral Reefs begins in the area of Borneo 3- The Flora and Fauna in Borneo are 35% more, comparing to the rest of the countries in the world 5- 1/3 of the Crude Petroleum lies beneath the island of Borneo 6- The deepest sea trench in the world lies nearby Borneo and Philippines
    Do you know how rich are your state…? You are can be the richest people in the whole world by house hold. For, you all already be given all the Natural Resources need by a country. Just imagine, 1/3 of the world oils reserved that you all have that can last for more than 1000 years. Do all the Bornean need to suffers in poor and being humiliated as beggars by your Federal Government. If you all still not believes this facts, you all can do your own research. But, why most Sabahan and Sarawakian never wake up to knew this true facts. And, keep on being a stupid fools that only knows to depends on their own enemies to feed them. Bowing their heads towards your enemies and even have to thanks them for giving you only 5% of the Oils Royalty. When others are smiling behind of you, for your stupidity and foolishness, yet, you all still a stupid foolish people's that keep on thanking the evil wicked one. For I had never heard any story or knew any cattle farmers, whom their hard works of raring their cattles would accepts the returns only with bones and useless meats by their slaughter house owners. For a person can be blind of their eyes, but never can a person blind in their hearts. Foolish peoples of Sabahan and Sarawakian, wake up from the evil spell now, sleep no more. For you are losing your land soon to the hands of evils. The Earth started here, so as the location of Garden of Eden.

  • Jim Naylor says:

    Way to go dropping the skull. You betrayed Shiva! ha ha ha.

  • Tyson Carmel says:

    I work in the dark to serve the light, I am an Assassin.

  • Grace Olive says:

    don't be fighting over it. Hello. 🙂 I'm Iban from Sarawak. We're truly the Headhunters for spiritual. The blood is to give strength to our body. But we're all know the Highest (GOD). For you all information who didn't know the background of us, we will give our respect to the people who respect us. We are very low profile. But if it comes to war, we are not keep quite. But, honestly talk here, everyone love to be lived in peace. that's mean, don't say any rude words about us or even other people. We are all human that's created by Almighty God. thank u.

  • 101ers77 says:

    Every nation, every race has their share of head hunters during the ancient times. All of those nations and races are now considering that practice as a shameful and a criminal act. Why is Borneo so proud of their head hunters? Why don't you have freedom fighters as heroes? You can not even name a freedom fighter who fought invaders as a hero because you have none. All you have are cannibal head hunter heroes who kill even his tribe mates. You're a disgusting island of cannibals.

  • 101ers77 says:

    You should revive your tradition of head hunting and decapitate a fellow Sabahan whenever you are about to marry. Kill and kill each one of your fellow islanders until you are wiped out. ROFL!

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