Soldier in Time: John Titor – The Time Traveler and the Mandela Effect

He came from the year 2036, Then he Returned never to be heard from again. But did he forever change our future?

Time Traveler From 2028: Trump Will Win 2020 By Landslide
Bitcoin To The Future: /r/Bitcoin Time Traveler From 4 Years Ago


  • whysprs says:

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  • Jamie King says:

    Mandela effect is a stretch i think. Although the 1 that made me scratch my head was snowwhite. I always remember it being mirror mirror on the wall but its magic mirror on the wall. That was the 1 the made me think.. maybe just my bad memory too. Great video as always. You never disappoint, even with topics that aren't my big interest. Its interesting hearing about things i knew nothing about. Like gulf stream breeze i think the video was called. Cause i live in scotland our news media is quite often differant. Sorry babbling now. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK..

  • Like you, I do a lot of research but I realize the Prime Creator put a fail safe in system to make Egos can only progress so far before they have to realize that only unity consciousness can complete the riddle. We either do it together or not at all. That's why you always see these advanced beings working in circles. No man is an Island,

  • One question came to me while listening to The Vengeance of Thoth video is how much of humanity has now incurred the Wrath of Thoth lol. The Emerald Tablets were very clear on the issue of him finding those who have misused the sacred wisdom they received , weather they acquired it by right or left handed means. Their hearts will be weighed .
    Also, What really happened in these ancient civilizations that brought them to naught, who was really involved. Sumerian and Kemetic history overlaps with Atlantean history. The one the Sumerians refer to as Ningishzida is recognized as one the greatest kings in Atlantis and founder of Kemet. He had rivals, one of which appears to be his brother Amon Ra/Marduk.
    The key to understanding these wars is important for 2 reasons. They explain why we are here and how we got here.
    They explain what happened and what is happening now because not only is humanity still being affected by past events but this conflict may not still be over.
    If Marduk landed and Thoth is arriving, then will there be peace or conflict, or will www3 be a war between the Gods with Humanity choosing sides. Is the apocalypse the drawing of the line in the sand after all truth is unveiled ? Already you see the Masses waking up and breaking off into groups with these Old Heads as their cited Mentors. Not just the Ennead but also the Ogdoad is getting much attention. The Apocalypse/unveiling will lead to a revival of all these Neters and their Nomes with following in tack. All indigenous nations await one of these Ancients, with Quetzalcoatl as one of the Key figures.

  • Dean Carter says:

    I don't get it, how did Kennedy kill hats? Was it the whole mobster thing?

  • One connection I see is if Atlantis is in Antatrctica and Thoth is an Atlantean King, is this why they took the Arc of Gabriel to Antarctica or was Antarctica just another Atlantean colony? Is this why they see Pyramids in Antarctica? No dates have been given to these Pyramids, what if they are like the Crimea pyramids[65,000,000 years old]? Would this mean they predate Atlantis or is Atlantis much older than first figured?
    If Atlantis existed then evidence for Lemuria , Hyperborea and Polareans must also exist, and Thoth was recognized in each of these ancient cultures also.
    If Thoth walked the Earth in each of these cycles, what make Humans think he will not again lead humanity into a golden age?
    Is this why we started hearing about Marduk, did the return of Thoth bring him out in 2013, the predicted Mayan day for the return of Quetzalcoatl?
    Is there evidence to prove weather this conflict continues or is over?

  • Hi Pete. Another excellent episode! Who runs the world? The NAZIs. They never really lost WW II. The simply moved; North America, south America & perhaps Antarctica too.
    < >

  • +Indigenous Kwé​ You wrote this today (11-26-10 @5:50) on Leak Project Rex's live stream: "who wants to start a roaming roundhouse village with me?" Sounds interesting. What's the deal on that?

  • Alex Kramer says:

    Long and fucking boring….!!!!

  • Rapper B.o.b talked about this, said the nazi found a supercomputer in Antarctica also von Neumann was one of the five thousand people given immunity during paper clip. He also started nasa and the build the computers. Silicon are the demons and so are the greys.👽🤖😎

  • The Trump=Titor=time traveler notion is part of the "Worship Trump" meme that has overtaken online culture. It is cultish and very strange.

  • All boys catholic high school. . .no wonder youre atheist!?


  • I'm gonna stop here around the 10 min mark. John Titor didn't travel to the 70s and then stay in the time line till the 2000s, by his account he left the 70s with the inn 5100, and then proceeded to the early 21st century. This is a small detail as far as story goes but a real one. You seem like a nice guy, but I can't invest 1 1/2 hours on your video when you don't seem to have researched Titor by the first 10 min. Thanks anyway.

  • AJ Pilsner says:

    The jacket and the zombie book was a simple mistake

  • Relient Kid says:

    I remember saying I'd donate cryptocurrency to you if you posted an address. This was months ago. I have just notices the addresses in the description. Sorry for the delayed donation I have sent you 10$ about .11…..LTC. still love your channel and content. Let me know if you received such transaction.

  • irrelavant13 says:

    You know what I like about you Pete? You take an objective look at everything.

  • 1. He didn't stay in 1975 all the way to 2000. He traveled from 1975 to 2000 ec

    2. He didn't say WACO like event everyday, but every month.

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