Rastaman with 40-year-old dreadlocks

Rastaman with 40-year-old dreadlocks

(Contact licensing@viralhog.com for licensing/usage info.) Andre Chin AKA Chino Linkz went to Jamaica to visit his family. That’s when he got to meet his uncle’s friend – a Rastaman sporting 3-foot-long deadlocks that he has been growing since the age of 15. Respect!
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20 thoughts on “Rastaman with 40-year-old dreadlocks

  1. Bruh I had long hair once that reached all the way down my neck and I cut it because it was so annoying. I can just imagine what he goes thru with that.

  2. All the ppl are like "I love that his hair is like a timeline"…what if his hair just dragged through a muddy puddle or something XD

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