Mind Blowing Discoveries That Will SHOCK You

There are plenty of amazing people, technologies, and geographical features in the world we live in today. Discoveries of new, mind-bending things are made every day, and we are lucky enough to reside in a time where those findings can be shared with the simple click of a button. From innovative sciences and natural phenomenon to the possibly paranormal, here are Mind-Blowing Discoveries That Will Shock You.

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5. The Game Changer
Here’s another discovery of an ancient, elongated skull that has changed history as we once knew it. In 2014, a few extra-long skulls were found in Peru, and when first tested they showed mitochondrial DNA with mutations not found in any human, primate, or animal discovered on Earth at the time. New testing in 2016 found that the roughly 2,000-year-old skulls showed that they originated in the Middle East and Europe. If the results are correct and are proved through further testing, they will show that the people’s of Europe and the Middle East made their way to the Americas long before conventionally believed.

4. Underwater Waterfall
The Denmark Strait Cataract is the world’s largest waterfall, but you’re not going to be able to visit it considering it’s underwater. Located between Iceland and Greenland, it’s 100 feet wide and dives straight down 11,500 feet from the Greenland Sea into the Irminger Sea. Every second 175 million cubic feet of water is carried by the falls, which is roughly 2,000 times as much water carried by Niagara Falls. It’s three times taller than the tallest waterfall found on land—Angel Falls in Venezuela holds that record—and is created by the warmer waters of the Irminger Seas meeting the slightly cooler waters of the Greenland Sea. The cooler water simply slides down beneath the warm, creating one of the craziest natural phenomena found in recent history.

3. Noah’s Pyramid
According to recently digitized fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Noah’s Ark may not have been shaped like a giant boat, as most believe. Instead, the 2,000-year-old scrolls suggest that it might have been shaped more like a pyramid. The Dead Sea Scrolls were a shocking discovery themselves, having been found around 50 years ago by a shepherd who threw a rock into a cave and heard it hit a jar, which cracked open on impact. Inside were the scrolls which consist of nearly 800 manuscripts. Recently, portions of the scrolls were photographed 28 times at high resolution using varying wavelengths of light, allowing researchers to read the text inscribed upon them. In the newly legible text the ark’s “tallness” is referenced, as was a word that means gathered, leading scientists to believe that the ark’s ribs may have been bundled together near the top, thus pointing to a pyramid-like structure. Can you imagine a giant pyramid full of animals floating atop an enormous, biblical flood? Crazy.

2. Super Storage
A method for storing insane amounts of data, called five-dimensional data storage was first demonstrated in a paper written in 2013. Since the release of the article, scientists from the University of Southampton have said they’ve nearly perfected the method using five-dimensional glass discs. The discs are thought to be able to hold around 360 terabytes of data and have a lifespan of about 13.8 billion years, or roughly as long as the universe has been around. The five-dimensional discs store data in their interior using tiny, little, structures called “nanogratings,” and can hold 3,000 times as much data as a blu-ray disc, which can store 128gb of data, an already enormous of amount of information. They’re tough little buggers too, being able to withstand temperatures up to 1,000 degrees celsius, or 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit. The scientists working on the project are hoping to move the technology forward and maybe commercialize it in the future. Finally, we’ll be able to store every single movie, album, picture, video game and anything else we’ve ever owned in one place, and can get rid of those pesky flash-drives, or floppy-discs, depending on how old you are.

1. Moon Numero Dos
The discovery of a second moon tops our list because for all of the years we’ve been alive we were taught that our moon was the only real companion to our planet, and as it turns out, we were wrong. 2016 HO3 is an asteroid that scientists at NASA are calling Earth’s second, “mini-moon.” The asteroid orbits a long way from our planet but is affected by our gravitational pull. Although it’s more drawn by the gravity of the sun, it still does orbit us irregularly, at times as close as 38 times as far away as our moon, others as far as 100 times. NASA believes that the tiny, cute little asteroid-moon has only been orbiting our planet for around 100 years, but that it will continue to do so for centuries to come.

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