Interview with a REAL Time Traveler

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Time Traveler Who Went to 2749 Tells His Story
This Ancient Discovery Should Rewrite History!
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31 thoughts on “Interview with a REAL Time Traveler

  1. The camera does make the video look different, but i don't think it's better than your other camera. But whatever, just want the damn ASOS video already!

  2. I think the camera has a weird filter on it, your face looks smoothed. Also the whites on your face look REALLY white. I'm sure there's a way in the settings to fix it

  3. Dylan, you silly, do you really think he said his real name ? Alexander SMITH? Not that this is real, but come on babe. He didn' tell his position and probably gave a fake name.

    Tho this is probably fake too 😁

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