How To Do An Oil Change (Episode 8)

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How to do an oil change for your car! The car being worked on in this video is a 2013 Nissan Juke. The steps are pretty much the same though regardless of your own car model.

1) Either use a car ramp or a jack to lift the car up. If you use a jack, make sure you use some wheel chocks to prevent the car from rolling and always use a jack stand for extra protection.
2) Put some newspaper down to protect the ground from splashing oil. Position your oil pan underneath and then unscrew the plug.
3) Let the oil drain. Eat a cookie.
4) Unscrew the oil filter. Check to make sure the rubber gasket comes off with it.
5) Put in the new oil filter and screw the drain plug back it.
6) Using a funnel to prevent spillage, pour the new oil into the engine. If you’re not sure how much to put in, use the oil dipstick to check.
7) You’re done! Now just remember to bring your old oil back to be recycled.

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20 thoughts on “How To Do An Oil Change (Episode 8)

  1. When my husband came home for lunch, I asked him when he was next changing the oil. He told me and asked why I wanted to know. I said, "I'm baking cookies for the occasion!" ♥

  2. At 1:20 – You are one smart cookie!

    I never thought of this, but next time I change oil I will definitely take a cookie to eat
    while I wait for it to drain.

  3. 1:24 Love  her singing "Kumbaya the oil is draining, my Lord."  lol. Great job, parents! Wish more parents raised their kids like this! Kumbaya!  That song brought back childhood memories.  lol

  4. I'm loving this… she is a CAN DO kind of girl! Her parents are raising her the right way!

  5. Cute video, however with all the black cut scenes you can probably guess that her dad actually did the work and then just let her talk and do a few little things in which I am sure he probably schooled her on what to say and what to do. Cute video nonetheless!

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