EXTREME HELICOPTERS! Incredible landings, takeoffs, aerobatics, flybys and amazing choppers!!

EXTREME HELICOPTERS! Incredible landings, takeoffs, aerobatics, flybys and amazing choppers!!

A great collection of extreme and incredible helicopters, including an unbelievable disembarkation by helicopter, two Westland Lynx helicopters dancing, chinook amazing landing and incredible reverse take-off, acrobatics flights, the flying bulls aerobatics, a Swordfish and a Lynx helicopter almost touching, incredible landings and takeoffs, impressive low pass flybys, touch and go, insane helicopter pilots with incredible skills, crazy choppers, landing and take-off in heavy wind conditions and crosswind, insane aerobatics made by incredible pilots, epic stunts, super helicopters, very low fly-by and performances in the sky at the limit that seems they are going to crash, situations where pilot skill and quick thinking saved the day, back flips, Eurocopter landing in strong winds, Chinook nose dive and doing a very tight tern, reverse emergency landing and take-off, a Bell 206 “Jet Ranger” helicopter versus Antonov An-124 and much more.. a top 20 compilation you cannot miss!

Some of the helicopters you will see in this collection:
CH-47 Chinook (Unit cost: US$ 38.5 million)
“Tiger” from Airbus Helicopters / Eurocopter (Unit cost: US$ 32 million with an incredible developing cost of US$ 12 billion)
Agusta Westland EH-101 Mk512 Merlin (Unit cost: US$ 21 million)
Russian-built Mi-171 helicopter (Unit cost: US$ 12 million)
Mil Mi-24 (Unit cost: US$ 12 million)
Apache Huey (Unit cost: US$ 11 million)
Bell AH-1 “Cobra” (Unit cost: US$ 11 million)
Bell 206 “Jet Ranger” (Unit cost: US$ 1 million)

These are some of the strongest, most incredible and expensive helicopter ever built.
Some of these incredible exhibitions took place at the following airshows:
Biggin Hill Air Fair
Bournemouth Air Festival
Cosford Airshow
ILA Berlin Air Show
Danish Karup AFB Air Show
KecskemΓ©t Air Show

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“Swordfish and Lynx helicopter” & “Flares from Lynx helicopter”: courtesy of Roman Hobler from flickr.com/photos/hobler

A special thank to LEJ.approach (dvldi)

Some of the videos are under CC license and listed in “Source videos – View attributions” and below:
– Chinook in reverse-emergency landing demonstration: Robert Gipson youtube.com/watch?v=1BTBrJb3P9o (through +100500 Videos)
– Dancing copters: Jessica Spengler from flickr.com/photos/wordridden
– Chinook at Cosford Airshow clips: ozz13x form flickr.com/photos/24931020@N02
– Chinook hovering with only the rear wheels touching the edge of a cliff: The U.S. Army from flickr.com/photos/soldiersmediacenter
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    WOWOWOW at 4:30 just driving around with your Chinook!

  4. Omar Joseph

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    They can do all this shit in real life and i still cant pass that damn helicopter mission in vice city

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    Those chinooks are deafeningly loud.

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    I'm soo poor that i cant buy a decent console to play bf4, danmgit

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    I'll be scared if I see such stunt in my area. I hope they don't crash.

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    Not really like the music, but the helicopters and the skills are awesome!

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