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A Nepalese Time Traveler
समय यात्रा 2017 में ! 'Noah' is a Time Traveller? Time Travel Real Cases
News Reporter


  1. Hey, nephewwwww ! FIRE STARTING: If you can get a hold of "kindling", very thin, dried twigs, GET THEM. Also, always have candles. You can drip candle wax on newspaper as a fire extender to keep newspaper burning till twigs/logs catch fire. Also, if rocks are plentiful, make a pit with rock walls. Go to a camping store and invest in a starter flint THANG. You just use a sharp knife to scrape down the flint and sparks come out like crazy. Lighters run dry….etc. NEWSPAPER: Never use the colored ink ads. Just the plain, boring newspaper. Twist newspaper into long twisted "branches" and then light them…..after dripping wax on the newspaper. BAM, YOU HAVE FIIIIRRRREEEE !

  2. AUNT NANCY WANTS TO SHARE: Jed….please pet Lily gently on the head, and anywhere else on her body. Dogs DO NOT LIKE being thumped and hand banged on their bodies. She's an old dog…..but, young dogs don't like the HAND BANGIN to their bodies, either. Nevermind how I know….I know. Why do men think pattin' the hell out of a dog is enjoyed by the dog? Who started that? Not being bitchy, Jed, just wanted to pass along some Auntie Advice.

  3. Hahaha! Dude! That used to mess me up when i worked out there! You're right on the line where time is different, central time goes waaaay out there, then mountain time and then pacific time is the smallest "zone" and you'll pop in and out of it ALOT if you travel around Cali much.

  4. Awesome travels and great footage man! Well that stinks bout folks not wantin to be on cam, i get it tho, lol. I always envy folks bein able to get out to the camps like this and events, one of these days ill git my van on that side of the world when these meetups happen, cheers man

  5. Jamie’s the very best! Seven said in his last video that you were heading there so I’m glad you all met up! Always happy to see you guys and glad to hear you are doing well. Ausia is fabulous isn’t she? Nothing better than in-and-out!
    Dillon seems like a nice guy, just subbed to his channel 😊
    Word to the wise, when boondocking leave your hood up,the rodent don’t like open spaces. They rarely will go against that. I’ve lived in some rural places and it’s always worked for me.

  6. Hi Jed Master! U roc! Did you do a video on those led headlights? If not plz do!!! I'm having to replace my normal low power, almost dark ones… Can you put up a link, and what you think of them?
    PLEASE! Thanks buddie, again, U ROC!!!

  7. It's good to see that you kids eat REAL food. Not all that new fad type food that they have to add flavors to to make it taste good… LOL… Normal food is just as good for you if not better IF you eat good stuff like In N Out Burger very health choice…

  8. I wish we had kangaroo rats instead of real kangaroos over here lol. They have made me shit my pants several times out on the road lol they love jumping out right infront of cars. Silly animals

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