7 Real Cases Of Time Travelers? Time Travel Caught On Camera

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7 Possible Real Cases Of Time Travel That Need Explaining! Many people throughout the history of man believe that time travel is possible. Some strange videos & photographs are offered as proof of real time travel. In this video we’ll take a look at some of these pieces of possible time travel mysteries. Most of these supposed time travel moments are captured on camera. You be the judge of this list. Let’s take a closer LOOK!

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41 thoughts on “7 Real Cases Of Time Travelers? Time Travel Caught On Camera

  1. In reference to #5 and #3 I think both of those items may have been transistor radios. It would explain #3 especially since you see the woman apparently "talking" but she may have been jamming to one of her favorite tunes 🙂

  2. #1 man find a wormhole under his kitchen sink…. It was a Swedish TV commercial.. They ran a campaign for quite a while with the concept "what would your future self say about your pension fund"

  3. #1 a tattoo aged 30 years doesn't look so sharp as in this video. The tattoo would've aged 30 years as well. Also, one of the tattoos is bigger than the other. it's not the same guy aged lol

  4. I keep trying to settle these orb video to you but won't work. Cl8ck my name my videos and check it out there's always orbs around my son
    Yolo have my perm8ssion to use it

  5. ok….the "hipster"…..the first Nikon camera with a zoom lens was introduced in 1954…..they did have sunglasses back then, but they were only prescription with the wings on the side…and his sweater is nothing but a wool cardigan, ….idk about the tshirt but all of these things were being introduced at that time…so he was "a hipster"

  6. IDK how but I am that dark figure in this video at soccer game believe me or not I think out of body experience or that I died and can back to life but I remember some stuff like this there was a lot more stuff I had done I can remember doing during my experience too complicated to explain how but this is proof to me that it really did happen to me

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