10 Reincarnation Stories That Will Open Your Mind!

Re-incarnation has been discussed for over a thousand years and experts like the late Canadian Psychiatrist Dr Ian Stevenson, researched the subject and wrote books showing that there was much evidence to prove that reincarnation existed.

The following cases are just the tip of the iceberg as to the incredible evidence that exists for the proof of reincarnation.



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Reincarnated World War II American fighter pilot


Past Life Regression Therapy and Children’s Past Lives




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Peter Hulme

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20 thoughts on “10 Reincarnation Stories That Will Open Your Mind!

  1. My family doesn't believe in this theory, and I really don't either. But it's very interesting indeed…maybe there is such a thing.

  2. If reincarnation was real and was an endless span of living different lives, I'd honestly shoot myself right now because I'm having tough life issues and made so many mistakes in the past that I can't even fix now. It's not like mistakes where you learn from them and fix them, these are mistakes that "oops, that's your fault, there is no going back" I feel like the successful future i promised myself is in danger now. All I want is to start all over

  3. I have dreams of being a man named Russian man named Joseph and my face suddenly feels numb and I go black inside of a green building. I remember my mom who's name in my dreams is Kek-ay is what it sounds like.

  4. I was born in the pan handle of Texas, moved South to the small unincorporated community of Kimbro, TX when I was 13. I had a fascination for photography and history. After high school I started doing rephotography, where I got permission from the local museum outside of Kimbro to use their archive for my work. I made a lot of amazing photos, but later I found out that the photographer that I was using the photos from migrated from Sweden to Kimbro, TX exactly 100 years prior to when I moved to there. Coincidence I thought, but then things got weirder. I learned more about this old photographer and found that his studio burned down and another building was rebuilt. It's that very building where I have my studio.

  5. Not only is reincarnation real. But right now at this very moment each one of us are living out every possible path our lives could have ever taken. Just like the objects in the double slit test split and take both available paths, we to take multiple paths. Quantum mechanics proves this when you accept that this world works exactly the same as the microscopic world of quantum mechanics. And now they've used Bucky balls which are tiny pieces of pure carbon. Soild objects doing this. So reincarnation isn't hard to believe after studying the double slit.

  6. Reincarnation? Doubt it. More likely our awareness is comprised of many sparks of other consciousnesses. When we die the same will happen to us and we will just become a spark in anothers awareness. Realistically our awareness is a product of our physical body and without our brain will fade into nothingness, but theories are interesting. Ive got another one – if there is a connected universal consciousness some people are more connected to it than others i.e. some people are better at reading and feeling other peoples emotions and that could possibly be attributed to a stronger connection to the universal counciousness. through meditative practices you can strengthen things like intuition and maybe that happens because youre straightening your link to all that shit. Anyways death is the ultimate release and going back to where we were before we were born doesnt sound so bad either. A place that just is and to lose any sense of pain, joy, or attachment.

  7. Reincarnation is not real. When you die you either go to heaven or hell. People who believe in reincarnation are delusional and certainly are not going to heaven I mean to be technical only a select people are going to heaven because Jesus did not atone for everyone he gives you your salvation if you are selected. This video is a prime example of Satan brainwashing those who are not saved. It's really sad.

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