“They Saved My Life, And They Don’t Even Know Who I Am”

Sarah Roberts and her husband, Devon, learned she had cancer on Christmas morning of 2015.

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The stay-at-home mom’s mantra throughout her stay in the hospital: “I need to be with my babies.” At the time, her kids were 1 and 3 years old.

Doctors started chemo right away, and Sarah began receiving blood products to keep her healthy

She would spend the next 75 days in the hospital, receiving about 79 units of blood

After nearly dying three times, being put into a coma, and undergoing surgery, Sarah started to heal

When she was finally able to go home, the whole medical team celebrated

Through the whole ordeal, Devon never left her side

Sarah is now cancer-free, and back to being a stay-at-home mom

She credits God and blood donors with saving her life

“The people who gave blood saved my life, and they don’t know who I am. They allowed my children to keep their mommy. [They] saved my husband from being a widower and a single dad”

Now, she makes it her personal mission to inspire others to donate blood to save people like her

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