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Time Traveler Who Has Been To The Year 2030 Shares His Experiences

This footage was sent to us by a man who claims to be a time traveler that visited years yet to come. He makes a lot of predictions about who the president of the United States of America is and future business tactics. Thank you to everyone in our team who pitched in money so … Continue reading

World War II veteran shares his story VIDEO]

World War II veteran shares his story.

Babysitter Shares An Incredible Story How A Few Words Can Change Someone’s Life Forever

Just a few words of encouragement can seriously mean the world to someone, and this babysitter’s heartwarming story just showed us why. Show Full Text When Raquel used to babysit a little girl, she would always tell her how much she loved her art. Raquel would put on a sports-announcer Olympics-style voice, and talk about … Continue reading