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Off Duty Cop Overhears Conversation Of Guy Threatening His Date In Restaurant, Decides To Step In

Someone asked “Women of Reddit, what has been your worst ‘nice guy’ experience?”, and this person just shared the most feel good story ever. Show Full Text While a girl was on a date in a restaurant, the guy with her was being a complete douchebag and threatening her. Luckily, an off duty cop witnessed … Continue reading

At Restaurant Instock We Tackle The Problem Of Food Waste By Serving Delicious Food Made From Food Surplus

Did you know that one third of all food production is wasted? That comes down to a worldwide wastage of 1.3 billion kilos per year. This is a huge environmental burden! When people waste food, it’s also a wastage of the water, CO2, energy and land that has been used in order to grow and … Continue reading


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Teens Arrested For Rapping Order In McDonald’s Drive-Thru

A rap by four teenagers at a McDonald’s has gotten them a bad rap in one Utah city. The teens were cited by American Fork police earlier this week for disorderly conduct after they rapped their order at a McDonald’s drive-through. The teens said they were imitating a popular video on YouTube. They rapped their … Continue reading