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Off Duty Cop Overhears Conversation Of Guy Threatening His Date In Restaurant, Decides To Step In

Someone asked “Women of Reddit, what has been your worst ‘nice guy’ experience?”, and this person just shared the most feel good story ever. Show Full Text While a girl was on a date in a restaurant, the guy with her was being a complete douchebag and threatening her. Luckily, an off duty cop witnessed … Continue reading

When Someone Asks Nicki Minaj To Pay For Their Studies She Decides To Help All Her Fans

Need some help paying your college tuition fees or student loans? Nicki Minaj can help! Seriously. Show Full Text Saturday night, the award-winning rapper was on Twitter telling her fans that she would pay international airfare for contest winners (who would get to spend time with her at the Billboard music awards in Las Vegas) when … Continue reading

Husky Gets Stuck On Coconut Tree, The Internet Decides To Help… With Photoshop (15+ Pics)

Came In Like A… source Badass source Bad To The Bone source Cool Dogs Don’t Look At Explosions! source Safe Place source Dog Loves It – Topher Hates It source The Dog Witch source Dog On A Giraffe, Perfection. source Taking Dog Tricks To The Next Level source Fast And Furryous source Wow. Much Speed. … Continue reading