Epic Win/Fail HD Compilation – 30 Minutes of 2012’s Best Fails

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WIN Compilation December 2013 (2013/12) | LwDn x WIHEL

Arranged by http://www.LangweileDich.net/ and http://www.wihel.de/ Last edition of 2013! In this december piece we are proud to present you 40 fresh and awesome clips in something over eight minutes. Enjoy and share. Thanks! Full video list: http://www.langweiledich.net/2013/12/win-compilation-dezember-2013/

Lesson 11 – Baptism with the Holy Spirit – The promise in the New Covenant

It is not enough that we “only” have been baptized in water. We also need to be baptized with the Holy Spirit, which is the promise of the new covenant. According to the Bible, there will always be a visible sign when one receive the Holy Spirit. In this lesson, Torben Søndergaard, speaks about this … Continue reading

Aamer Rahman (Fear of a Brown Planet) – Reverse Racism

aamerrahman.tumblr.com Twitter: @aamer_rahman Bookings: bec.sutherland@livenation.com.au

Epic Win Compilation – Part 18 – HD

ALL CREDITS ARE LISTED BELOW…WITH LINKS Song: Reverse Myself (Instrumental Version) by Dhruva Aliman – http://www.dhruvaaliman.com/ Video Clips from the following, IN ORDER BELOW– El Camino Real’s Amazing Trick Play Barrel Roll 360 Official Video – Baja 1000 Wildman Baja Barrel Roll 2013 (Slow Motion) World’s Tallest Motorbike! – Guinness World Records 2014 Женский серфинг … Continue reading

Shadows of Tomorrow – Time Travel

If you need another fix of time travel, alternate timelines and tangled up futures now that Day Of The Doctor is done, why not try Shadows of Tomorrow? Shadows of Tomorrow is a science fiction adventure involving parallel universes, martial arts, treason, love and a man who can remember his future. Can Gareth Walker bring … Continue reading