10 Incredible Mysteries Science STILL CANNOT Explain

10 incredible scientific mysteries that are still unsolved
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You don’t know everything you don’t know. If you haven’t accepted that by now, by the time you finish this video… you will. Somethings just are; we’re not sure how they got here, what created them, or what purpose they serve. They’re origins – they’re mysteries — never solved. Maybe that’s alright. It’s okay to leave a stone unturned or a door unopened. So sit back, don’t ask, and prepare to have your mind blown by 10 Amazing Mysteries Science Cannot Explain.

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What’s Right is What’s Left
Placebo Effect
Cocaine Mummies
WOW Signal
The Bloop
The Hum
Earth’s Core is as hot as the sun
Easter Island
How Are We Still Alone: The existence of Aliens
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