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20 thoughts on “insane bike stunts gone wrong

  1. My favorite are the ones wearing a baseball cap, wife beater, and shorts. How cool do you feel now that you're missing skin? Wear the right gear people!

  2. I love riding my bike, it's a great adrenaline rush, I also love to keep two wheels on the ground and my skin attached to my body, which is why I wear a proper gear

  3. Darwin at it's best. Saw a kid do a stoppie into a pull off in Cosby, TN…..he clipped another bike in the process. No big damage other than a few scratches. But when the owner of the clipped bike and two of his friends picked up the "Stunta's" GSXR and heaved it over the rock wall and down the side of the mountain……I laughed till I cried. Poetic justice.

  4. glad i mever wrecked my crotchrocket. But i did wreck my stupid bmx bike doing 50. Check it out if you read this.

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