5 Deadly Daredevil Accidents

5 Deadly Daredevil Accidents

5 Deadly Daredevil Accidents. Daredevils take risks and are vurnerable to accidents. We listed 5 deadly accidents that happened to daredevils.

5. Sailendra Nath Roy

Indian daredvil Roy had freakishly strong hair. In 2013, Roy announced he would attempt to cross a river while suspended from a zip wire attached to his ponytail. He promised his wife it would be his last stunt. Halfway through, Roy became stuck and started shouting for help. After finally being rushed to the hospital 45 minutes later, it was discovered that Roy had died from a massive heart attack while suspended from the wire.

4. Cirque Du Soleil accident

31-year-old Sarah Guillot-Guyard was part of an act in June 2013 in the MGM Casino in Las Vegas where a few performers were suspended up to 50 feet in the air on lines controlled by wireless remote controls. Sarah just plummeted down according to witnesses. Initially, a lot of people in the audience thought it was part of the act but then they heard terrible screaming and groaning. Sadly, Sarah died the same night.

3. Pavel Kashin

Pavel Kashin was a famous Russian freerunner known for his death-defying feats and superb agility. Pavel was performing a pretty routine backflip ( at least for him ) on the edge of a 16 story building. But he missed the ledge on his landing and fell to his death.

2. Matt Cranch

Matt Cranch, 24, had been a stuntman for only a week when his fatal accident took place. Matt Cranch was the cannonball for a “standard” human canon ball routine but the safety net collapsed this time and Matt died. Witness reports mention some mentally ill spectators asking for their money back after the routine…

1. Sean Cunningham

This accident is ranked number 1 for a reason. Cunningham was a part of the aerobatic team of the British Royal Air Force. Cunningham was not yet in the air even when his accident occurred! He was readying for takeoff when his ejector seat activated, firing him over 200 feet into the air. In a harsh twist of fate, Cunningham’s parachute failed to open, resulting in him plummeting to his death.

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