2400HP Twin Turbo Corvette at TX2K15 Tearing up the Streets!

When you think of TX2K15, you think of INSANE Cars. This Twin Turbo Corvette is nothing short of that ladies and gents. Now sit back buckle your seat belts and put on some pampers! Because this is going to be one hell of a ride!

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19 thoughts on “2400HP Twin Turbo Corvette at TX2K15 Tearing up the Streets!

  1. Holy cow, I guess everything really is bigger in Texas, those turbos are HUGE! They have to be 94mm at leased, I bet it would take a 50 hp shot of nitrous just to spool them up coming off them line. Me personally I would want AWD if I was to run a 2,400hp engine, two wheels are always going to have trouble putting down that kind of power on street tires, something like that would only be functional on aired down drag slicks.

  2. OMF he almost crash that beast, theres no way he will be able to get that to hook with drag radials pushing 2400hp and the temp of the road is way to low to keep them tires heated. Awesome car and build

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