Funny Scared Dog Videos Compilation 2014 [HD]

Scared dogs are ridiculously funny 😀

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Original videos:

1. Dog terrified of low-fat lamb jerky
2. Big Bad Bull Dog Scared To Come Down Staircase
3. Dog afraid of remote control…
4. Bird Dog Afraid of Feathers
5. Dog afraid of an orange peel
6. Dog Afraid of Bananas

I wish to accredit the creators of the original video content. Should anyone feel their content is being misused/abused by being included in this compilation, contact me.
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20 thoughts on “Funny Scared Dog Videos Compilation 2014 [HD]

  1. When she turns her head she is annoyed or when she cries she is scared also when her tail is behind her if a dog growls leave it alone even when I yawns or blinks slowly and licks it mouth it also means it is annoyed

  2. 2:14 The dog just wants to play. When he bends down with his paws stretched it means he is being playful. When I get a tennis ball out or one of my dogs' toys out that is exactly what they do. :)

  3. This isnt funny, this is cruel. How would you feel if you were a dog being scared to shitness like these dogs are, and then they film it and put it on the Internet, then it goes viral.

  4. The dog that was running around cuz of the Orange peel reminded me about my dog when ever we come home she is all over the place lol!

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