VIDEO Stanford has a constant guest: “This is not my cat but she is coming to live in my apartment!”

She’s not her cat, but she lives with her. Sounds weird, right? This street cat may not even be called a street because it persistently enters the building, uses an elevator or stairs to reach the woman’s apartment from the video.

She blatantly enters his wife’s apartment as if it were her own territory, and even the tenant’s dog was able to hunt down with a sweaty series of shamans. He likes to pamper and lick on the couch, and Dog Mar is forced to share his food with this permanent guest.

The owner of the apartment, and the other tenants are convinced that some kind of story is hidden behind the cat and that with a reason it enters the city all the time. Street cats are usually not overly affiliated with humans, as this cat adores when it is lazy and lying in one’s lap. Maybe we’ll soon find out the truth about the cat they called Happy …

The sequel follows.

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