VIDEO From a typical young man to a total wee: “Nothing will stop me from turning to a Ken puppet”

27-year-old Jonny Dylan got his first Ken doll when he was 5 years old. He liked him very much, and from that day he considered him a “perfect man.” He knew he wanted to look like this one day.

Everyday makeup, puts itself in color, and lips filled with filers, some would say it was a little overdone …

Jonny says he spends about $ 800 a month on his own look and makeup, and he does not think that he is out of the house “unharmed”. Today he lives with a boyfriend who admires his appearance although he admits he is not a big fan of aesthetic surgery.

This is especially a concern for his Jonny says he does not plan to stop with the surgery. He wants even bigger lips. See how his life looks today.

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