The American married the Croats, revealed eight things that were most deadly

Kaleigh is a young American who has her YouTube channel, and recently the blog “This Croatian Life”, where she shares stories about how to be married to Croats and to live in Croatia. The 26-year-old moved from the US to Croatia for over a year now, and in this video she uncovered the 8 things that are most naughty when it comes to life with the Croat:

1. Bread. He says he eats it too much, along with everything. It’s unthinkable to her.
2. Many. She did not know why he was drinking so much.
3. Beer. He says he drinks it after running or training.
4. For some reason, while driving, it accelerates when you see the STOP sign or red at the traffic light.
5. Hours can sit in a cafe.
6. Withdrawal plans due to sudden coffee breakup.
7. Meat. It can not be understood either. He says Croats eat too much meat and bread.
8. Rakija. No, she does not drink too much, she is constantly trying to cure her when she feels some pain. Rakija is a cure for everything. 🙂

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