Leave everything and travel the world? These are the advantages and disadvantages of such a life!

Stevo and Chanel have traveled the world for three years.

In the first year they went from state to state and volunteered to get free accommodation and food. In that year they gained wonderful experiences, but next year they decided to change the way they traveled.

They did not stay much in one state, the road was much more dynamic and faster, but more expensive. It was known that one day in one state remained one day. This is the third year of this kind of life.

Now he is in one state for a month. The benefits of this are that everything is always new, you can never be bored, in every country you get acquainted with the new customs, culture, people, food and way of life. They run together twenty-four hours a day and this brings them together.

No one in the new states knows you can be whoever you want to be. Your mind is filled with positive vibrations. On the negative side are you with your partner twenty-four hours a day, and loneliness is sometimes more than needed. There is too little time to learn new languages, new culture and everything that you want. The rent for such a short period of stay is high. Uncomfortable beds and small showers.

You miss your family and friends, and the new friends you get on the road are quick to say goodbye. Eating healthy is almost impossible. Flights are depleted, and time zones are not good for your body and mind.

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