How to win any girl on the street: The young man has discovered a trick that is not difficult to perform

Guys will always torture this question: How to be successful with girls? Many avenues end up with brutal refusal, so some of the guys in time give up and realize that they are simply not good tempters.

This character has revealed how to win any girl on the street (or at least a big majority if we do not count girls who are in marriage or marry). Okay, this “trick” includes lying, but it’s up to you to decide whether to lie or not.

The necessary equipment: a cell phone, a couple of friends who will act as fans.

The man in the video asked a random passer by if he wanted to hang out with him. She refused him because he had “other plans,” and then he went to plan B. His friends who played his fans, searched for an autograph, a selfish self, called him “the famous person” on the cell phone … The girl is quick changed his mind. Watch the video. 🙂

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