Time Traveller Tells All About Montauk Project, Alternate Realities And Much More! | Al Bielek

We Are All Creators of This Reality! We have forgotten the divinity that is inside all of us. We are able of achieving miracles but our educational system teaches that matter is the highest there is, but we know better know don’t we? Everything is energy, every emotion or situation is purely energy, we don’t … Continue reading

PlayStation® Live from PSX 2017 | English CC

Watch interviews, gameplay, and panel discussions live from PSX 2017, includes updates on The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, Dreams, Monster Hunter: World, and much more. See the full programming schedule at and

Time Traveler Who Went to 2749 Tells His Story

The following are documented audio recordings of a man claiming to have time traveled to various points in the future. We cannot prove or disprove his claims and thus present them as they are. 20% off Must Have Paranormal Equipment – ——– BLOGGER : TWITTER : INSTAGRAM : FACEBOOK : … Continue reading

Interview with a REAL Time Traveler

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This Ancient Discovery Should Rewrite History!

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Apex Tv’s Deception Interview with a Time Traveler!!😂😂😂 link to the video!!