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12-Year-Old Helps To Deliver Her Baby Brother, Wins The Hearts Of Thousands

Sibling love is a truly special thing. It’s a bond that connects for life. But Jacee Dellapena, a 12-year-old from Mississippi, took it to the next level when she helped her mom deliver her brother. Show Full Text “Jacee wanted to attend Zadyn’s birth 18 months ago but we felt she was too young to … Continue reading

Meet Mr.D, A Teacher Who Wants To Make His Students’ Lives Amazing

Click to unmute Joe Dombrowski decided to become a teacher after working at a summer camp for terminally ill children. The man kept his promise and currently works as an elementary school teacher in Royal Oak, Michigan. “My philosophy with teaching is that you have to make the educational experience fun and engaging, ” Dombrowski … Continue reading

A Day At The Carnival

A Down syndrome diagnosis for your child can be scary. I hope that when parents facing a new diagnosis (or just people in general!) see these photos of my four-year-old daughter and her BFF just enjoying the carnival – all they see is joy, beauty, and hope. Show Full Text Willow and Mason both are … Continue reading

Daughter Recreates Mom’s Graduation Photo After 17 Years

When 18-year-old Madeleine Tarin began her senior year of high school, she already knew how she’ll celebrate her graduation. Soon, the big day came and instead of focusing on herself, Madeleine shared the special moment with her family and together they recreated a heartwarming picture from 17 years ago. Show Full Text “We made it … Continue reading

Soundproof Birdhouses That Will Finally Give Birds A Rest

Festival season has started which means parks all across the UK will soon find themselves full of fun loving partygoers. Show Full Text Whilst this is all in the name of fun, people living near these parks turned festival venues often have to put up with this partying into the early hours. But they are … Continue reading

The Incredible Story Of An Immigrant’s Son Who Flipped Burgers And Scrubbed Toilets To Reach His Dreams

Shannon Satonori Lytle didn’t come from money but the man’s determination allowed him to realize his potential regardless. Lytle, despite all odds, has just graduated from Harvard, one of the most prestigious universities in the whole world, and his heartwarming success story is truly inspirational. Show Full Text When Shannon was in high school, people … Continue reading