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When This 13-Year-Old Said He Wanted To Run Away From Home, This Cop Decided To Look Inside His Room

When 13-year-old Cameron Simmons from Sumter, South Carolina, called police officer Gaetano Acerra to tell him that he was planning to run away, the cop went to his house to investigate. The boy said he’d had a fight with his mother and didn’t want to live there anymore, but it was only when Acerra looked … Continue reading

Tattoo Artist Proposes To His Girlfriend By Asking Her To Check “Yes” Or “No” On His Leg Tattoo

Did you ever hand your crush a note asking them to check a “yes” or “no” box to confirm whether they liked you or not? Well one tattoo artist from Colorado just took this concept to a whole new level when he proposed to his girlfriend recently. Vinny Capaldo-Smith decided to pop the question to … Continue reading

Boy Writes Heartbreaking Note On Toy Panda Because His Mom Couldn’t Afford To Buy It

A stuffed animal might not matter much to the average person, but for a child, it could mean the world. When 10-year-old Leon Ashworth’s mom couldn’t afford to buy him a stuffed panda he desperately wanted, he wrote a forlorn note on the toy’s box pleading with shoppers not to buy it until his mom … Continue reading

Man Donates Kidney To A Total Stranger, Receives Touching Letter 3 Months Later

A 32-year-old man from Tulsa, Oklahoma made a sacrifice in January that ended up saving a complete stranger’s life. 3 months later, that stranger decided to write him a ‘thank you’ letter, and it’s so touching we can hardly stand it. Show Full Text The man, who goes by the username TheBartian, made the courageous … Continue reading

Gay Couple Who Was Told Their Love Was “Just A Phase” Recreates Their Pride Photo 25 Years Later

LGBTQ couples face countless obstacles in life, but one of the most irritating is their love being labelled as “just a phase”. That’s why Nick Cardello and his husband, Kurt English, decided to show the world that they’ve been going strong for 25 years with a touching photo of them attending the Equality March in … Continue reading

I Let Kids Play With Glass And Here Are The Results

For the past six years, I have been doing residencies, mostly in schools and through the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. We determine the project, usually to be completed in ten or twenty school days. Then I take in sheets of glass, tools, and cement board. If the school has kilns, we fire them up … Continue reading