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The World’s Angriest Cat Who Has Been In Shelter For Over 1 Year Now, And Her Face Says It All

Having a bad day? Spare a thought for Shamo, the cranky cat who seems to be permanently pissed off with the world. Shamo has been stuck in a Tokyo shelter for over a year now and she clearly disapproves. She has her own page on the shelter website as well as a Twitter account (@shamo_girl), … Continue reading

Dad Stranded At Daughter’s College By Floods In Houston Goes To Class With Her, And It’s Hilarious

Remember when you had your very first day of school, and you cried for your parents not to leave you? Your first day of university was probably the exact opposite. When Kerubo Anassi’s dad helped her move to New York to start her graduate studies, and then couldn’t get a flight back to the Kenyan-American … Continue reading

The Incredible Story Behind This Viral Pic Of A Human Chain In Houston Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

With Hurricane Harvey, now upgraded to Tropical Storm Harvey, in full swing, residents of Texas are in crisis mode. Flooded by devastating amounts of rain, Houston’s roads have become more dangerous than ever, and one elderly driver found himself submerged and trapped inside his own car yesterday. What did the people in his vicinity do? … Continue reading

What Is One Moment In Your Life You Thought Could Only Happen In A Movie? This Guy’s Story Will Make You Cry

What does Into the Wild, Schindler’s List and October Sky have in common? All of these films are based on real lives. The story you are about to dive into, however, hasn’t been adapted to the big screen. Yet. Kevin James Walsh posted this Hollywood-worthy tale on Quora in response to a question asking what … Continue reading

Former Olympic Diver Gets Surprise Proposal In Venice, And Their Photos Set The Internet On Fire

If you think you’ve already seen the cutest marriage proposal of the year, we raise you this heartwarming tale of a Swedish former Olympic diver who recently said ‘yes’ to his German boyfriend – after being surprised with the ring on a gondola ride in Venice. Here come the tears. Body builder Patrick Huber wouldn’t … Continue reading

This Man’s Favorite Thing Is Parades, And Guess What The Whole Town Did For His 21st Birthday

When Kim Davis-Robinette asked her friends and family to drive by and honk for her disabled son’s 21st birthday, she didn’t expect everything would evolve into a 90-minute parade with marching bands, dancers, and other entertainers. Kim’s son, Matthew has a chromosome deficiency, which caused serious brain malformation, cerebral palsy, and autism. Because of Matthew’s … Continue reading