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Take a look at that BACKWARDS OVER THE SHOULDER SIDE-EYE stuff. Good grief. What’s the story here, Army K.? “Hello, this is Fritz, my ridiculously cute and sweet 4.5 month old Schnoodle ResQte puppy, and he’s the best. 😀.” Well,that settles that. Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Puppehs With Stuffies, Puppehs With Sweateuhs, ResQte Of The … Continue reading

Caturday Afternoon Haiku, Because Why Not?

A cat yoga pose. Inhale. Reach front paws. Relax. Sunbeam is a must. ~ ~ ~ “This is my rescue Fiona. She practices yoga for well being and health. Her nose and paws have been featured on C.O. (thank you) and now the rest of her!” -Deb M. & Fiona =^..^= [*Note: Haiku also provided … Continue reading

“Hey Honey? What’s For Dinner?”

“Beans! If you want Weenies with that you’re gonna have to go to Safeway!” “Hi C.O., this is Anise, aka Annie, Annabelle, Annie-Belly, Bananabelle, and Princess Paws. She think she should be a paw model, so we thought we’d go big or go home with a C.O. Toesday submission. Annie is a 3 year old … Continue reading

Spider Monkey Picture

The cute little face of the Spider Monkey at the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand is an invite to snap a picture or two. The Spider Monkey is a vulnerable species in the wild as they have no protected habitat and since the 1950’s the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand has successfully been able to … Continue reading

Picture Of A Fairy Penguin

The Fairy Penguin which is referred to as Little Blue Penguin, is the smallest species of penguin in the world. Blue Penguin, Eudyptula minor, at the Auckland Zoo, Auckland, North Island, New Zealand…. Cute Animal Pictures

Oriental Small Clawed Otter

The Oriental Small Clawed Otter chewing on his lunch at the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand. The smallest otter in the world is the Oriental small clawed otter and can be viewed at the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand. Related to a meerkat and skunk, the Oriental small clawed otter resides around rivers where they … Continue reading