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Ring Tailed Lemur Auckland Zoo

A Ring Tailed Lemur on alert in its habitat at the Auckland Zoo on the North Island of New Zealand. The Ring-tailed Lemur at the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand seems to be wary of something or someone as he explores his habitat. The Ring tailed Lemur and his family at the Auckland Zoo are … Continue reading

Bonnet Macaque Monkey

The Bonnet Macaque is an Old World monkey who is a daytime animal and resides at the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand. This type of monkey suits its name, the Bonnet Macaque, as they appear to be wearing a hat due to the peculiar lay of their fur. This particular monkey lives in its habitat … Continue reading

Caturday: And Meow You Know

Cat Facts on a Caturday! Impress your friends at your next party with this Fun Feline Factoid: did you know that coat color may dictate their behavior? Here are a few more! Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: Caturday Morning Cute Overload

Cute Hippopotamus

How can anyone say a hippopotamus is not cute when you look at a picture like this staring back at you. The hippopotamus has cute eyes, small round ears and nostrils located extremely high on the roof of their skull so that they can spend hot days with a majority of their body below the … Continue reading

Yoshi The Seal Kitteh

Glenna M. writes: “Hi C.O.! The rescue group I work with is trying to raise funds for surgery for one of the kittens we currently have in our care. Yoshi was born with a congenital dislocation of both her back ankles. Her little feet are perfectly healthy, but they are not connected to her legs, … Continue reading

It’s Good To Be The King

If you’re a Cavalier King Charles Pupster named Bailey, that is. “We had submitted photos of our Ragdoll cat, Sofi, to you in the past but we recently brought home a new addition: a Cavalier King Charles puppy we call Bailey,” Jordan & Carolina write. “These pictures range over the course of a 5 weeks, … Continue reading