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This Is Whats Wrong With Society Social Experiment

In this “Social Experiment” I sent one of my homeless buddies to go ask this guy for some money to get food. Then I sent one of my friends who was dressed completely different to ask for money from the same guy. The result was shocking. Leave a Comment letting me know what you think … Continue reading


Wat up Fart Army, today I teach you guys how to feed the homeless!

Miss Egypt Called Racial Slur by White Woman (Social Experiment Gone Wrong)

Pretending to be a tourist that doesn’t speak English in Hollywood (not uncommon) goes terribly wrong when I get cussed out and called a racial slur followed by my cameraman being assaulted and threatened by “Superwoman” going super ballistic. I will make sure to redo this social experiment. 🙂 Shot by Riceman (Subscribe: Salaam … Continue reading

Child Abduction on Halloween (Social Experiment) – Child Predator Dangers

Abducting Kids on Halloween (Social Experiment) Dangers of Trick or Treating – Child Predator Dangers child abduction Don’t forget to Subscribe! Subscribe to my Vlog account and Gaming account Follow me on Tweets by JoeySalads

FEMALE ABDUCTION (Social Experiment) The Dangers Of Online Dating

One share can save a life. FEMALE ABDUCTION (Social Experiment) The Dangers Of Online Dating. Are you careful enough? Make sure to download “The Grade Dating App”, where the creeps get kicked off! Download Link: PLEASE LIKE & SHARE!!! Remember To SUBSCRIBE For More: SUBSCRIBE To My NEW VLOG CHANNEL!: TALK TO … Continue reading

kissing prank – social experiment in india

please be advised that this is sexually explicit material is not be viewed by minor under the age of 18 and 21 in some states if you are not of the legal age you have to close this video immediately. I am not breaking any rule nor creating any violence It is just experiment that … Continue reading