CAR CRASH COMPILATION LONG 2014 – 1 Hour Full Crashes Compilation – NO.1

1 Hour Car Crash Compilation 2013-2014 (Best Of) Full Video with original sounds. DASH CAM´S ON SALE:
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Russian drivers and Lada Cars are lots of fun ! Funny car crash compilation!
GTA 5 Funny/Brutal Kill Compilation Vol.73 (Car Crashes/Army Base/Tanks/Ladders)
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18 thoughts on “CAR CRASH COMPILATION LONG 2014 – 1 Hour Full Crashes Compilation – NO.1

  1. I'm beginning to realise that a lot of Russians have gotten their drivers license though bribery rather than merit…

  2. i just had an accident about a few weeks ago coming home from Las Vegas 20 miles outside of baker and it was a bad thunderstorm and the driver was going 80 on the freeway and he pressed the brakes and we hydroplaned and rolled 3 times of into the desert. No one was hurt accept my dads leg was pretty banged up but he is fine now. It was like a episode of survivor lighting cooking off every 15 seconds, no one even stopped for about 10 minutes. I am never going to Vegas again

  3. Why are they all in Russia? xD In almost every compilation, it's usually the Russians. I don't mind, though! Quality entertainment for me <3

  4. oh fuck. i've seen a lot of these videos and i've always tried to justify it by telling myself that no one was killed. but the accident at around 31:00 i'm positive someone's died. that's fucked man. that's totally fucked

  5. Ich hab mal gelesen, das Russen irgendwelche Stärken haben sollen. Auto oder Motorrad fahren gehört definitiv nicht dazu.

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