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7 Real Cases Of Time Travelers? Time Travel Caught On Camera

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EXCLUSIVE: 2018 Will SHOCK People – Mayhem In The Cards! Andrew Zatlin

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Deafness and hearing loss debate: 30 November 2017

On Thursday 30 November, MPs took part in a Westminster Hall debate about deafness and hearing loss. Transcripts of proceedings is available on Hansard:

Time Traveller Who Went to The Year 2749 Reveals All…

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Time Traveler, Andrew Basiago at Gettysburg 1863 and 9/11 Was Known, 30 Years in Advance – The Best

In 1971 DARPA was doing time travel and most of you dont believe it. So, you will hear an article about it and you will hear testimony from a 15 year old kid who . Andy finishes telling you the story of his time travel trip to 1863 to see Abraham Lincoln give the Gettysburg … Continue reading

Time travel proof? Human race given dire warning from the year 2055!

HUMANS will live in a Big Brother society and be limited on how many children they can have – a man claiming to be a time traveller has stated. Source: Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: ~Subscribe!~